JobAnts connects job seekers and employers in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and IT industries to help them find the best match quickly and efficiently. The company relies on its years of experience in recruiting and data analysis to provide a faster, smarter solution for both employers and job seekers.

Founder Sandeep Purwar came up with the concept of a smarter, faster jobs site while working at Bodhi Global Solutions, a pharmaceutical, healthcare, and IT recruiting company, where he found it could be time consuming and tedious to post jobs and then search for qualified candidates. By collecting data and using it to fill in profiles, providing multimedia profiles, and using analytics to find matches and summarize applicant data, employers can post and fill positions faster than ever.

Learn more about how JobAnts can benefit job seekers and employers or recruiters. JobAnts also offers training and resources for job applicants and others who wish to brush up on their skills and qualifications.