SAS Clinical Training

When time and distance are an issue, Bodhi offers and Live Web classes as avenues to help students get the SAS training they need, while accommodating their busy schedule. The Bodhi online SAS training services will prepare students for real world clinical trial data analysis.

Benefits of E-Learning:

  • This model makes SAS training directly available to you on your desktop and helps you to acquire all your SAS Clinical skills at your own pace anywhere, though online SAS training.
  • Learn everything about SAS at your convenience
  • Practice in your own SAS session
  • Enhance whatever you learn by practicing on mock data

BASE SAS and Advance SAS:

  • Focused to prepare towards Base SAS certification
  • Basic Concepts
  • Referencing files, setting Options, Editing and debugging SAS Programs
  • Creating List Reports and Enhanced List and summary reports
  • Creating SAS data sets from raw data
  • Understanding DATA step processing
  • Creating and applying user defined formats
  • Producing descriptive Statistics
  • Creating and managing variables
  • Reading SAS Data sets
  • Combining SAS data sets
  • Transferring Data with SAS functions
  • Generating Data with DO loops and processing variables with Array
  • Reading Raw Data in fixed fields
  • Advanced Base/SAS: Macros and Proc Sql

Clinical Programming

  • Explanation of organizational aspects of the Biometrics department
  • Basic concepts of Clinical trials
  • Phase – I, Phase – II, Phase – III, Phase – IV
  • Clinical trial glossary – Demystified
  • Explanation of the Clinical trial process
  • Protocol development
  • CRF Design and development, Data Management plan
  • Edit check specifications document, Edit check programming
  • Data querying, Paper CRF and E-CRF studies
  • Database programming and basic understanding of EDC studies
  • Annotated CRF’s
  • Data Querying
  • Lab data handling – procedures and pitfalls
  • Patient Profiles, Database Lock
  • CDISC SDTM 3.1.2 and ADAM 1.2 Implementation
  • How to generate Tables, Listing and Figures