Web & App Development

BODHI Global Solutions, is an web services company specialising in extranets, portals, content management and other web based solutions for your entire business needs. We can help you design your internet strategy to make the most of the power and creativity of the internet whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity for your web based presence, business data and processes.

We have an integrated approach to the provision of internet services. This allows us to provide website creation and design, utilizing the functionality of leading web content and document management solutions through to a range of web based services, including data integrity and connectivity solutions.

BODHI Global Solution’s heritage is in enterprise level Content Management Solutions which has enabled us to develop products to the highest specifications across a range of market sectors. More recently UI Web Solutions have focused closely on the portal development.

BODHI Global Solutions develops portals which we believe to be of the highest quality, using the latest development tools, giving trustworthy predictable execution and compliance with industry best practice. UI Web Solutions employs staff with the requisite technical skills and ensures that customer satisfaction continues to be achieved through a process of regular communication and provision of technical updates